Double Choc Caramel Mudslide

Double Choc Caramel Mudslide

Hand-pressed crust of coconut, almond and carob biscuit
with a velvety chocolate truffle, drizzled with chocolate tar
and finished with a layer of delicate caramel marshmallow.

The Crowd-pleaser.

Raw Organic Ingredients
Mixed Nuts (Activated), Coconut Oil, Coconut, Date, Dark Agave,
Cacao Solids, Carob, Vanilla, Marshmallow Root.

Mixed Nuts (Activated & Roasted), Vic Murray River Gourmet Salt.

Large Cake 20cm x 20cm
serves 16-20 $95

Medium Cake 20 x 10cm
serves 8-10 $50

Can can be stored frozen for two months.
Serve rested and chilled. Cake Garnished vary.

We use mixed tree nuts and seeds in our kitchen.

Raw . Vegan . Organic . Handcrafted
Low GI . No Dairy . No Gluten . No Soy . No Refined Sugar