At the heart of our handcrafted, organic and raw creations are our vegan roots. We love fostering and creating cruelty free products made from plant-based whole foods and we also love using traditional artisan methods. This drives our passion to create cakes & desserts that give you sinfully good ‘melt in your mouth’ moments that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“We believe that a delicately crafted dessert made from slow wholefoods, is food for the soul. Care and attention to detail is a vital ingredient in everything that comes from our kitchen.”

This mission for ‘good eating’ turned into a year long journey of exploring raw food methods and developing delicate raw pastry art and recipes. At the same time we delivered our extravagant treats to cafes all around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, before evolving to Mylk and Maple in 2015. Since then, we have stayed true to our slow – whole food methods and continue to make all our cakes & desserts by hand.

Each cake takes over two days to make. The nuts are activated and dehydrated and then used to make our nut flours, nut creams, nut mylks and nut butters. All our crusts, biscuits and crumbles are hand pressed and our jellies, jams, fruit powders, vanilla and chocolate bars and sauces are all hand made in our kitchen.

This approach to producing beautifully crafted treats has developed a deep sense of appreciation for the delicate nature of our food and how we interact with it. Wherever possible, organic ingredients are always favoured and we treat our raw ingredients with sensitivity and respect – using minimal or no heat, so that the ingredients remain a rich explosion of flavours as nature intended.

After all, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Raw . Vegan . Organic . Handcrafted
Low GI . No Dairy . No Gluten . No Soy . No Refined Sugar